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Ryan Pollard

Integrative Counselling
Leeds City Centre / Online Skype

Hello and welcome to my website

Counselling, and therapy as a whole, can sometimes be a daunting prospect. Choosing a therapist in the first instance can be difficult in itself. The fact that you have chosen to take steps toward caring for your own well-being and acknowledging that it is not always possible to cope with life's strains on you own is the the first step toward making powerful, lasting changes.


The counselling process is something very personal, which belongs to you and you only. It is an opportunity to contemplate aspects of your life that you may be finding difficult to manage or are struggling to overcome. Counselling allows you the space and time needed to fully explore these thoughts and emotions, in a calm and supportive environment.


Together we will look at how you perceive the world, emotionally and intellectually, with the aim to discover and create new ways to approach situations with confidence and a greater sense of control.

Being present in the moment is integral to my therapeutic approach. It is not easy to be able to accept and explore inner fears and anxieties, and it  takes courage to do so. We will approach this together, at your own pace, with you at the heart of the process, whatever the outcome.​​

I also offer online Skype Counselling

Receiving Counselling from your home, in a familiar, comfortable environment is a convenient way to experience the therapeutic process. Online Counselling will give you the opportunity to experience therapy when meeting face to face is just not possible. Factors such as time restrictions, family obligations or life expectations are all factors that may hinder the possibility of starting therapy. Online Skype Therapy could be the solution to off set these obstacles.

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